A turn-key brand protection and customer engagement platform.

With Aulera Authentication, brands can physically track, trace, and authenticate their products from manufacturing to post-sale using banking-grade encryption. We enable brands to engage with their customers directly, providing customer experiences that build engagement and increase lifetime customer value.


Embedded Technology

We utilize the same technology as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Uncloneable, washable NFC tags are embedded in each product to provide a way to uniquely identify every authentic good produced.

Each manufacturing process has unique requirements. Our team will first identify the specifics of your supply chain to advise the most productive route to adding these tags.

Factory Integration

Factory IoT stations associate the unclonable NFC tags and physical products.

There is no margin for error. Your contract manufacturers and distribution centers require constant up-time. End-to-end implementation and factory dependencies are considered every step of the way with minimal disruption to your process.


Management Dashboard

A cloud-based platform allows management of NFC tags and monitors counterfeit and gray market activity.

Brands obtain transparency into factories, monitoring production in real-time while discouraging factories from “overproducing” goods.


Smartphone App

With a simple tap from any smartphone, consumers can directly authenticate physical purchases and engage with your brand.

Direct interaction with customers streamlines brand communication while enriching the customer experience.

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